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Not based on intuition, but on data. Translated into concrete and measurable improvements and actions. For more marketing results.


How do you get more customers via the internet and your website?

This is our everyday game! We analyze your marketing position and sales funnel and come up with concrete growth opportunities and points for improvement. The goal is that more potential customers find their way to your website and to your product or service. And become customers.

“The focus on
results, starts
at the data”

Funnel vision on digital marketing

We see digital marketing as an online customer journey with a number of crucial touchpoints. Many prospects start their journey by orientating, but few eventually become your customer.

Unfortunately, potential customers are not patient. If they don't (quickly) find what they're looking for, they're already gone. This is why the customer journey is inherently leaking. Your funnel is basically a colander. The only question is, where are the leaks? We are happy to look at your funnel and translate the analysis into concrete optimizations.


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Funnel vision op digital marketing

The digital funnel is the online customer journey. This starts with being findable by 'searchers' (especially in search engines) and visible to people who are interested.

Internet marketing optimalization

Funnel optimization is about multiple disciplines, but always about how potential customers get to you or not. Based on data.

Search engine marketing optimization

We analyze your competitive position and the customer journey of your prospects/suspects and translate the points for improvement into concrete actions. Also aimed at current customers.

Digital marketing analysis

Unfortunately, potential customers are not really patient. That is why the Marketing & Sales funnel is by definition leaky. The only question is, where are the leaks? We map this with data, and then get to work with it.